The 5th Northeast Strategic Institute Annual Conference


December 13-14, 2018, The 5th Northeast Strategic Institute Annual Conference, “Five years of practices for the eradication of educational and health gap in the communities”. The event chaired by Khon Kaen deputy governor, Mr. Suthep Maneechot, The attendees included representatives from government offices, researchers, teachers, academics, students, and young agriculturist networks. The conference was led by directors of the four projects including; liver fluke and cholangiocarcinoma research, the higher order thinking in Mathematics among the northeastern region students, the prevention of chronic kidney disease in the northeastern region, and the eradication of poverty via the economic sufficiency theory

Assoc. Prof. Rangsan Niamsanit, the director of Research Institute of Strategy and Coordination for Northeastern Development, said in his report of the objectives that the conference was conducted to reflect KKU 50 years of public dedication and to broadcast its research that was aimed to eradicate the health and educational gaps which are the two major problems perpetually confronted by the region. In the recent past, KKU has successfully researched to help create a better life for Isan people in three areas. First; public health research such as research on the prevention of liver fluke and bile duct cancer. Second; educational research involves the development of primary students’ systematic problem-solving skill. Third; economic research involves the poverty eradication via the application of sufficiency economic theory which has been subsidized by the government since 2014. The projects have been carried out by the corroboration between KKU and the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of the Interior in order to expand the results obtained from research projects conducted in Khon Kaen, Roi-et, Sarakham, and Galasin to other 30 provinces of Thailand and Lao and Cambodia. This conference is held for the fifth time and was aimed to disseminate research work to the wider range of application and integrate it into the policy of the country. The conference is an arena for academic exchange among the participants. The examples of successful projects were also displayed at the conference

Prof. Puangrat Yongvanit Phd. President of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation of Thailand provided a progress report for the foundations ongoing work to combat cholangiocarcinoma in the northeastern region of Thailand.