SCB Bank “Click it Charity 2019”.


Between August 26th -30th, 2019, SCB held the Click It Charity 2019 event, to raise funding for cholangiocarcinoma patients and other non-profit organizations. SCB bank gave 430,000 Thai Baht as well as generating 80,185 Thai Baht through QR code to our foundation. They also provided an opportunity for our foundation to organize an exhibition and provide attendees with knowledge about cholangiocarcinoma and sell our souvenirs to raise money for our foundation.

Our foundation would like to thank Ms. Araya Phuphanich, First Executive Vice President of Internal Communication Function and CSR Function and SCB bank’s employees who donated to help cholangiocarcinoma patients, and help raise awareness about CCA. The donations and funding provided to our foundation will go directly to helping patients suffering from this lethal form of cancer.